Using Dynamic Lifter on Lawns

A staple product in many backyard sheds around the country, Dynamic Lifter is an organic product packed with good stuff for your garden.

If it’s good for your garden, then it must be well suited to your grass as well, right?

Well, you would be right.

Dynamic Lifter is an organic, poultry manure-based product. Chicken manure just so happens to be a common fertiliser used on turf farms. Your standard Dynamic Lifter products are 100% chicken manure in an aged and pelletised form. Poultry based manures are great for promoting growth due to the high amount of nitrogen they contain. Not only does Dynamic Lifter contain nitrogen, it also contains a good amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus supports strong root growth and development.

There are also Dynamic Lifter plant foods, which along with chicken manure, contain fish meal, blood and bone, and seaweed. In the form of a pellet, these ingredients slowly release into the soil for your lawn to take up nutrient.

Chicken Manure

When using an organic based fertiliser like chicken manure, it’s important you don’t use raw manure. The manure should be at least six months old. It will contain less contaminants and ammonia and have a much less offensive odour. Buying this ready to go from your local nursery will ensure it is aged and ready for use.

One of the key benefits you will find with Dynamic Lifter is its ability to improve soil structure through its organic composition. A good percentage of organics in your soil helps it to hold moisture better. Micro-organisms and earthworms will go to work, turning it into processable nutrient for the grass to take up through its roots.

Dynamic Lifter pellets can be difficult to manage if you are mowing your lawn regularly during the warmer months. It is best to apply it in early spring or autumn when the grass isn’t growing as quickly. This will give it more time to break down for a longer period of time before mowing. If you do need to mow and the pellets are still visible, leave the catcher off the mower. There are liquid versions available, but as a result of this there isn’t the same long-lasting benefit that you would get from the break-down of pellets over time.


We will stop short of saying that you should use Dynamic Lifter on your lawn as your primary fertiliser, but there are definitely some benefits and times when your lawn will respond well to a treatment. Slow release granular fertilisers like Lawn Solutions Fertiliser are specifically formulated with the amounts of nutrient recommended for turf grasses. Additional micronutrients and trace elements are also added to the composition which ensure a consistent slow release of nutrient over a long period.

If you would prefer an organic fertiliser for your lawn and garden or are looking for a way to improve the organic structure of your soil, then Dynamic Lifter is certainly a good option as part of a broader treatment program.