Frequently Asked Questions

Turf Delivery & Laying


Can you lay the turf for us as well?
Yes we can.

To get a quote, contact us on (02) 6550 2126 or

How much does a pallet weigh?
Approx. 1 tonne depending on the type of turf.

What sizes are the rolls of turf?
1 m² /approximately 2.2m x .45m.

What areas do you supply turf to?
We supply to the Mid Coast, Hastings and Hunter Regions.

We can supply turf to the following areas: Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Port Maquarie, Wauchope, Bonny Hills, Laurieton, Harrington, Taree, Hallidays Point, Blackhead, Failford, Forster, Tuncurry, Pacific Palms, Smiths Lake, Gloucester, Bulahdelah, Tea Gardens, Nelson Bay, Newcastle, Maitland and Raymond Terrace.

How much does turf shipping cost?
Mid Coast Area: $80
Hasting and Hunter Regions: $100
Free delivery over 200m²

How may m² fit on a pallet?
40-50m² depending on what type of turf. For example: 50m² of Couch or Kikuyu = approximately 1 tonne.

How much Turf will fit into a trailer?
30-40 m² Buffalo, 40-50m² Kikuyu and Zoysia.

Can we pick up from the farm?
Yes, please place orders by midday the day before. Contact: (02) 6550 2126 or

What do I have to do to prepare my site?
The best turf is in the best preparation – this is a critical step in the overall process of your turf project. If you have an existing lawn poison it with roundup and remove if it is required. The main things to highlight are that the soil must be a high quality sandy loam that is moisture retentive to help minimize their lawns long term water requirements. The degree of drought tolerance of the lawn will also be improved with greater soil depths – we recommend a minimum soil depth of between 50 – 100mm.

How long will the Turf keep on a pallet before it needs to be laid?
Ideally, your turf needs to be laid within 24 hours of receiving it. In the cooler months it can last longer but getting it down as soon as you can and give it a good soaking. It will be a better result for the lawn in the long run.

Can you place the pallets around where we want to lay turf?

How much topsoil/underlay should we put down?
50-100mm of underlay is ideal. Use a good quality sandy loam from your local landscape yard.

Lawn Maintenance


When is the best time to lay Turf?
You can lay turf all year round on the coast hotter months require more water to establish.

How often should I water my new lawn?
New lawns will need to be watered heavily on the day of installation, then morning and night in hot weather for at least 3 weeks, cooler weather just once a day for 3 weeks, and all you will be doing is keeping the soil moist, making it attractive for the new roots to make their home.

When can I give my lawn its first mow?
This usually takes place within 10-21 days, depending on the season. The warmer time of the year it will take root faster. To test to see if your lawn is ready for a mow, just grab hold of the turf matt and see if you can lift it – if it doesn’t lift then you can mow. It’s always best to give your lawn a water straight after the first mow. Don’t let your lawn get too long before its first mow. If your lawn is in quite a bit of shade, it could probably be left a bit longer.

How do I get rid of weeds in my lawn?
This is the most common call enquiry we have after/during winter. You first need to determine type of weed and use a appropriate herbicide to control the weed. If you have a Buffalo lawn please read the label and make sure it is suitable. Some chemicals cannot be used.

Can I lay turf in winter?
Yes, but it will take a little bit longer to establish it doesn’t need as much watering as it does in the hotter months.

When is the best time to fertilise?
Your lawn will look its best if you fertilise at the beginning of each season.

How much room do I leave so the turf sits flush with driveways and paths?
Leave your soil down below the path 25-35mm.

What Turf grows best in shade?
Sapphire Buffalo.

Will Turf grow around pools?
For salt tolerant turf you can use Empire Zoysia or Palmetto and Sapphire Buffalo’s.

Should I top dress our new lawn?
Not essential but helps retain moisture in the warmer months.

Can I grow the lawn from seed?
Many people believe that sowing lawn seed is the best way to a new lawn due to the expense of laying Turf, however that’s not necessarily true. Over time the increased maintenance and repair costs of a seeded lawn outweigh those involved in a Turf lawn – and a newly laid turf lawn looks fantastic straight away! Most hybrid licenced Turf varieties are sterile. Any seed products that are available on the market are not as well suited as Turf varieties.