Turf Supplies on the Mid North Coast

Turf Supplies NSWAgland Turf Supplies has a large variety of turf available. We are a licensed grower of Palmetto Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Prestige Buffalo, Kenda Kikuyu and Empire Zoysia, and also supply Greenlees Park Couch and Kikuyu.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with all of our licenced Turf, assuring you of the real product produced by a licenced grower.

Agland turf are growers and suppliers of premium salt tolerant turf varieties such as Empire Zoysia, Palmetto, Sapphire Buffalo and Soft Leaf Buffalo’s suitable for our coastal area. We not only grow and supply turf we also prepare new sites, remove old existing lawns and replacing them with organic soil that your new lawn will thrive on.

Our Varieties Of Turf

Kikuyu TurfKikuyu Turf
It retains it’s colour in Winter. Kikuyu requires mowing 1-2 times a week in the warmer months to maintain a good appearance.
Features: Drought and wear tolerant – Vigorous growing Winter colour
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Greenlees Park Couch TurfGreenlees Park Couch Turf
Greenlees Park Couch Turf is blue-green couch. It is suitable for high wear areas in domestic and commercial areas.
Features: Fine texture – Hard wearing – Drought tolerant
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Empire Zoysia TurfEmpire Zoysia
EMPIRE™ Turf grows Australia wide and provides a lawn grass which is easy to look after and thrives in extreme heat and humidity.
Features: Drought tolerant – Hard wearing medium to fine leaf – Soft to touch – Grub resistant – Low maintenance
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Sapphire Buffalo TurfSapphire Buffalo Turf
Sapphire Buffalo Grass needs less water, deep roots, greener in Winter, a good sun or shade turf and it’s hard wearing and the added benefit of a finer texture.
Features: Soft fine texture – Winter colour – Best shade tolerant Buffalo – Hard wearing – Salt tolerant – Drought tolerant – Fast recovery – Low maintenance
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Palmetto Buffalo TurfPalmetto Buffalo Turf
Palmetto is a soft Winter Green Buffalo that is hard wearing and helps compete out weeds. It is a low maintenance turf and is suited for home and commercial use.
Features: Slow growing – Low maintenance soft leaf Buffalo – Hard wearing – Drought tolerant – Less thatching
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Prestige Buffalo TurfPrestige Buffalo Turf
Bred from the popular Palmetto® Soft Leaf Buffalo, this turf variety has the same amazing Winter colour and shade, cold and drought tolerance and is the darkest green Buffalo turf available.
Features: Darkest green Buffalo – Good wear and tear – Low thatch – Shade and disease tolerant
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Kenda Kikuyu TurfKenda Kikuyu Turf
Kenda® turf is a fast establishing form of Kikuyu turf with great drought and wear tolerance. If you have a large dog or kids, or a footy team to keep happy, Kenda® Kikuyu is a good high wear tolerance option.
Features: Best Winter green – Drought and wear tolerant – Vigorous growing – Sterile – Deep stronger root system
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We Can Prepare Your Site!

At Agland Turf, our professional team is also qualified in preparing sites from old lawns to new housing blocks, from bobcat to excavation works, determining appropriate soils and finally installing your new lawn.We take pride in our work and ensure all jobs are finished to a high standard.

Agland Turf also supplies turf for residential, commercial projects and local councils. We also provide turf for major roads and parks on the Mid-North Coast, Central Coast and Hunter regions.

The staff at Agland Turf  have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to your new lawn and are committed to providing excellent quality turf and professional service.

Phone us on (02) 6550 2126 to discuss your turf requirements!

Greenlees Park Couch Turf Empire Zoysia Sapphire Buffalo Turf Palmetto Buffalo Turf Prestige Buffalo Turf Kikuyu Turf Kenda Kikuyu