Other Turf Varieties

Our Varieties Of Turf

Kikuyu TurfKikuyu Turf
It retains it’s colour in Winter. Kikuyu requires mowing 1-2 times a week in the warmer months to maintain a good appearance.
Features: Drought and wear tolerant – Vigorous growing Winter colour
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Sapphire Buffalo TurfSapphire Buffalo Turf
Sapphire Buffalo Grass needs less water, deep roots, greener in Winter, a good sun or shade turf and it’s hard wearing and the added benefit of a finer texture.
Features: Soft fine texture – Winter colour – Best shade tolerant Buffalo – Hard wearing – Salt tolerant – Drought tolerant – Fast recovery – Low maintenance
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Palmetto Buffalo TurfSS-100 Buffalo Turf
SS-100 is a soft Winter Green Buffalo that is hard wearing and helps compete out weeds. It is a low maintenance turf and is suited for home and commercial use.
Features: Slow growing – Low maintenance soft leaf Buffalo – Hard wearing – Drought tolerant – Less thatching
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