How to Kill Ants in Lawns

Ants can be quite destructive to all lawn types once their numbers begin to get out of control and in plague proportions.

Their damage can then transfer to paving and other areas around the home. While many attempts are often made to kill ants with little success, it can be achieved by utilising a few different methods.

Ant Control and Lawn Health

Ants prefer lawns that are in poor health, which is sparse or patchy in areas.

Lawns in this condition become a perfect environment for ants to thrive and flourish. Therefore, the first step in controlling ants is to increase the health and vitality of the lawn itself.

A healthy lawn, with a nice healthy thatch layer and plenty of green leaves, is not a welcoming environment for ants. So, as a first step, learn about some of the basics of lawn care and aim to increase the health of the lawn. This will always start with the basics of regular fertilising and wetting agents, regular mowing to promote more spreading of the lawn runners, decreasing shade where required, and a good watering routine.

Killing Ants in Your Lawn

Several methods can be combined to kill ants.

The first is to go straight to the ants’ nests and break them open with a stick, once the nest is opened an Ant Dust can be put directly down the nest. This should be done with all nests.

An ideal Ant Dust is Fipronil, a 500g granular insecticide, which is a fast-acting, odourless product specifically formulated to control Ants. Fipronil is also safe to use on ZoysiaKikuyuBuffalo, and Couch grasses and can easily be applied by sprinkling over the area to be treated. Always read the label carefully before use.

Ants will survive and repopulate new nests, however, so the next method is to use a liquid Ant Poison.

This type of poison is then baited in small quantities at all locations around the property where ants are most active. The ants then take this liquid poison back to their nests, killing even more ants than would be achieved by other methods.

There are specialised liquid insecticides designed to offer superior control of insect pests such Ants in lawns. PCT Fivestar 1L contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin and is a suitable insecticide for Ant control whilst being safe to use on Zoysia, Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo grasses.

Another effective liquid insecticide for Ant control that is suitable for use on Zoysia, Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo grasses, is Indigo Rumbler 100SC 5L, which also contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin.

When using both liquid insecticides for Ant control on your lawn always read the label carefully before use.

All insecticides can easily be applied to your lawn using spray equipment which delivers a fine spray in a suitable volume that ensures thorough coverage.

Killing Ants Under Pavers

To control ants in the lawn we must also control their entire environment around our properties, otherwise, we’ll continue battling ants until our dying days! With this in mind, we must control and remove ants wherever they are found on the property.

Paving is a favourite home for ants. There is often a sandy base which is perfect for ant nests, easy access in and out between the cracks in the pavers, few predators can reach them and the pavers insulate the nests from heat and cold.

Even worse, is that after several years of ants under paving, the paving can become uneven due to all the sand being removed. So let’s make this welcoming environment a little less welcoming for the ants.

If an infestation is in paving the first step can be to buy some ant control powder and generously mix it with some fine white sand. This mixture is then poured over the paving and swept into all the cracks to fill them up. This is the best method because using sticky liquid ant killers can be very unsuitable for areas that are frequently walked on.

This should kill all ants under paving, the liquid ant killer can also be used simultaneously in nearby areas.

Once the ants are removed from the paving completely, there is one last ant deterrent that can be used. This involves mixing some white cement with some white sand in very low ratios – perhaps 10 parts sand to 1 part cement. This dry mixture is then poured over the pavers and swept into the cracks. Over time this mixture will harden without adversely affecting the pavers, making your outdoor area a lot less welcoming for ants to ever establish again.

Recommended Products

PCT Fivestar 1L

Fivestar 1L is a specialised insecticide designed with a low odour active ingredient of bifenthrin. Fivestar 1L is suitable for ZoysiaKikuyuCouch and Buffalo grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


Fipronil 500g

Fipronil 500g is a granular Insecticide Ant killer that can safely be used on lawns, surrounding buildings and other outdoor surfaces. Fipronil 500g can also safely be used on ZoysiaKikuyuBuffalo and Couch grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


Indigo Rumbler 100SC 5L

Indigo Rumbler 100SC 5L is an effective broad-spectrum insecticide in a suspension concentrate formulation which contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin (100g/L). Indigo Rumbler 100SC is suitable for use on ZoysiaKikuyuCouch and Buffalo grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


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