DVine Living: Lawn takes new build from drab to fab

Over four weeks, the myhomeTURF team and Dale, himself a landscaper, designed and assisted in delivering a five minute TV segment outlining the whole DIY lawn process from start to finish at four different Melbourne locations.

Job 1 is a new house build where homeowner Nick (pictured above left) offers a great challenge to Dale and the team.

Job 1: New house build needs some good hard wearing turf to improve his front yard’s look and usability

With any new house build, landscaping is often the last item on the list and it’s also when the budget is at its tightest. For hardworking Nick, his new house looked lovely, but the surrounding area was a clay pit!

So Dale Vine and the myhomeTURF team worked alongside Nick to explain to him an easy fix that would make his new house site usable on a budget and become the envy of the street!

The challenge for this particular home was how to take the yard from dirt to something the homeowners could be proud of?

Nick was keen for the whole area, surrounding the new house, to have full ground cover so he could use the yard and then come back later and develop garden beds when his budget and time allowed.

He is not much of a gardener and therefore wanted a turf solution that was hardy, he couldn’t kill and looked good.

The answer to his yard problems: Lay turf, as it would give the yard “full ground cover” and turn the area into one Nick could happily use – almost immediately.

The ideal myhomeTURF variety for the site, based on Nick’s needs – which are – hardy, tough wearing but a good-looking grass is Kenda Kikuyu.

Getting started

Once you know what sort of turf you want, plan ahead, measure the site and order your turf – usually allow about a week from when you contact your supplier to when you need your new lawn.

Now measuring your yard is easy – use a tape measure and calculate the length and width in square metres required – make sure you add an extra 5% more onto the figure. It is always better to have a bit more than not enough!  We have an easy to use online turf calculator to help you.

For Nick’s place we needed 200 square metres of Kenda Kikuyu.

The Job – site preparation

For Nick’s size job, both the site preparation and the laying of the Kenda Kikuyu can be done in two days.

First, we had to think ahead and make sure the entire site was properly prepared, not only for the Kenda Kikuyu but also for any future garden beds.

At this site, where there is no existing ground cover, we got away without spraying out weeds or old turf – usually you would need to allow at least two weeks to do this.

However, Dale and the myhomeTURF team did need to bring in some “big toys” from their landscaping friends at Greenscene Environmental Solutions.

The “big toys” included an excavator to reshape the front yard and move any existing clay that was sitting at the bottom of the hill.

Often, whilst you are building your new home, you can have your builder move the existing clay off the site before they hand over the keys.

The excavator will also be able to scrap out the old turf from the nature strip making light work for Nick, Dale and the team.

Soil preparation – key to a happy new lawn

Once the site is appropriately levelled, we need to give the new turf some quality topsoil to grow into.

But before the new soil was laid, Dale suggested to Nick he add gypsum to aid the soil structure because the team is working with heavy clay soils.

The gypsum increases the Calcium levels which overall helps improve the health of the new lawn.
Also add a good dose of organic fertiliser in the form of chook poo!

When choosing your topsoil, it is important you know that it is of the highest quality and weed free.
When laying the soil, it should be at least 50mm to 100mm deep and 20-30mm below pathways or driveways.

Level off the soil with a rake and make sure the prepared base is firm enough to walk on, without sinking into the surface.

Dale also applied an Under Turf Starter Fertiliser and Water Crystals to help the soil retain any water and provide a healthy soil medium for the roots to grow into.

Under Turf Starter Fertiliser comes in 2 handy sizes 900gm for the smaller yard or 4kg for a more sizeable area.

You are then ready to lay your new lawn!

About the turf – Kenda Kikuyu

Kenda Kikuyu is one of the hardiest, best looking, and grasses available on the Australian market.

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