Turf Prep & Installation

Laying Turf in Wet Weather

When laying turf in wet weather, you can take a few extra simple steps to ensure you get the best results.

Ground preparation for turf

When preparing an area for turf we recommend using a non-selective herbicide like Roundup or Zero. When spraying is best to wait for a break in rainfall. This will help ensure that the herbicide won’t wash away, increasing its effectiveness. After your application has taken effect, give the area a low… Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Laying Turf

When installing your new lawn there are few rules to follow to ensure it will thrive. In this blog, we look at what you should be doing to give your new lawn the best start, and what should be avoided.

Soil Preparation

The success of your new lawn will be heavily dependent on the soil preparation work that is undertaken before your new lawn is installed. If your soil is prepared correctly, your lawn will be… Read more

Preparing your soil for laying new turf

What’s the best way to prepare your soil for new turf?

Successful establishment of all lawn types relies on proper soil preparation. Preparation for establishing a lawn usually begins after construction activities have finished, or before topsoil has been introduced.

Without preparing your soil properly, your lawn can suffer from poor soil drainage, compaction, pH or fertility problems that could have otherwise been simply prevented.

By following this list of tips for preparing soil,… Read more

Tif Tuf is on The Block!

Lawn Solutions Australia is proudly the exclusive turf supply network for this season of The Block – using the award-winning grass TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda.

The award-winning TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda supplied by LSA Member Lilydale Instant Lawn was installed for each of the contestant’s lawns (and Scott Cam’s too). The total 6 houses installed over 4500m2 of quality TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda, creating stunning scenes at every house.

House 1 – Tom and Sarah Jane… Read more