Lawn Pests & Control

Armyworm Caterpillar Pests


Spodoptera Mauritia

Armyworm have assembled and are on the march! Armyworm can scalp an entire lawn in just a few days. Make sure you take action urgently if you see these pests in large numbers ‘marching’ their way across your lawn.

What are Armyworm?

Armyworm are a caterpillar pest that can devastate a lawn within a matter of days. As their name suggests, during the larval stages they move… Read more

How To Identify Lawn Grubs

If you find your lawn afflicted with the curse of the lawn grubs don’t despair. Treating and eradicating these pests is relatively easy.

Here’s some signs to look out for:

Increased bird activity on your lawn

One of the most easily spotted symptoms is an increase in bird activity on your lawn. These grubs make a great snack for the local birds and you’ll find them popping over to your place for lunch!… Read more

Identifying lawn pests

Need help identifying lawns pests?  There are many lawn pests that like to attack your lawn and can potentially cause significant harm.


Being aware of what lawn pests are out there in the insect world will keep you one step ahead of the game and better equipped to deal with any uninvited guests.


Ant nests can disturb the surface on your lawn with raised sections and can damage… Read more

Good Guys Bad Guys Bug Guide

Some bugs are good, some bugs are great! But how do you know what type of bugs are bad for your lawn? We’ve put together a guide on what bugs you should leave in your lawn and what you should look out for.

Good guys


Bees are one of the most important insects in our environment due to their ability to pollinate our plants. This allows plants to reproduce becoming a food source… Read more

How to Help Your Lawn Repair After Grub Damage

Lawn grubs have been particularly prevalent this year, affecting and damaging many Aussie lawns. If your lawn has been impacted by grubs, you may be wondering what the best way is to help your lawn repair itself. In this blog, we look at a few simple steps to help get your lawn on the mend.

Are grubs in your lawn?

If you have just noticed that your lawn has become damaged by grubs or armyworm, it… Read more