Best Fertiliser for Buffalo Grass

All Soft Leaf Buffalo lawns will perform at their best and have the least amount of problems when a good fertilising program is maintained throughout the year.

There’s no need to buy expensive Buffalo grass fertilisers, which are labeled as special in some way, most quality lawn fertilisers will do a wonderful job at adding nutrients to your Buffalo grass lawn.

In fact, when Buffalo lawns like SapphirePrestige, or Palmetto are looking pale or yellow, they are most likely in dire need of a good fertilising program.

Buffalo lawn owners are often given misleading or confusing information when it comes to the best fertilisers to use. Well, we’re here to sort out and simplify all that confusing information.

Fertilising Buffalo Grass

Fertilising Buffalo Grass

The Great Mystery of Buffalo Lawn Fertilising

The truth is, there is no great mystery with fertilising Buffalo lawns. Apart from needing a little extra Iron than most other lawn types, we only need to fertilise using the same quality fertilisers and program as with any other lawn.

Do You Need A Buffalo Fertiliser?

If a fertiliser manufacturer were to make a better type of fertiliser specifically for Buffalo grasses, the only difference in the fertiliser mixture would be a little extra Iron.

But for now, there is no fertiliser manufacturer which adds a little more of this simple product into a bag of fertiliser, and honestly, it’s not necessary for them to do so when an Iron supplement can be given to a Buffalo lawn at the cost of a dollar or two.

So there’s no reason to buy special Buffalo lawn fertilisers at expensive prices. They will do no more for your Buffalo lawn than any quality fertiliser product will provide.

Choosing A Buffalo Grass Fertiliser

There are many different brands of lawn fertiliser for sale. The reason for this is due to the generally low price of fertiliser, the vast distances between cities, and the weight and volume of fertiliser which contributes to the cost of freight. This makes it almost impossible to sell fertiliser interstate and to be competitive with local manufacturers pricing.

However, local manufacturers have done extensive soil research and testing to provide us with the nutrients that our own local soils are lacking. Thus giving us the greatest benefit from our fertiliser usage. This is one of the most important aspects of all when purchasing fertiliser for our Buffalo lawn, or any other lawn type for that matter.

Pricing for Fertilisers

Fertilisers range in price from around $20 to $40 for 20 kg bags, which will often spread at a rate of 50 grams per square meter.

While some concentrated fertilisers can be bought for a slightly lower price for 10 kg bags, and spread at a rate of 25 grams per square meter.

How To Choose A Fertiliser

So when choosing a Buffalo grass fertiliser, the best starting point is to find your local State brands of fertiliser if possible, as these will be best for all lawns in your own region. Then look at the upper price range to ensure you are buying quality nutrients.

Most of these better brands will also include Trace Elements or minor nutrients which are also essential for lawn health (including Iron) but are often missing completely from cheap fertilisers.

Benefits of Slow Release Fertiliser

What Recent Trials Tell Us

Although regular fertiliser does work well on Buffalo, recent trials have shown slow-release fertiliser to be better than non-slow release. Normal fertiliser washes through quickly, whilst slow release lasts for 3 months or so.

Due to this, slow-release fertilisers also work out more cost-effective, despite the higher price. Some of the Buffalo specialist fertilisers have been formulated with a longer-lasting fertiliser, which works well for Buffalo grass that has only above-ground runners, unlike KikuyuZoysia and Couch which have underground runners.

So the original statement is true, all fertilisers work. But on Buffalo, slow-release is better. In fact, it is better on all grasses.

The other reason why slow-release Buffalo fertilisers are good is that they do not burn. If you forget to water straight away, die back will not result. This is important on non-rhizomatous grasses such as Buffalo. Despite this, if you cannot find the safer slow-release types, then most lawn fertilisers will work well, just remember to water them in.

Another factor to consider is the time of the year. Lower in Nitrogen in summer and autumn, and higher Nitrogen in spring. Some fertilisers take this into account.

Iron Chelate

Iron Chelate lawn supplements are available from all lawn care and garden stores for a few dollars, and can be easily mixed into a watering can and applied to the lawn.

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Recommended Products

LawnPride Maintain Mini 26-2-9 + 3.4 Fe 20kg

Lawn Pride Maintain Mini 26-2-9 + 3.4 Fe 20kg is one of the most popular granular all-round lawn fertilisers on the market with the active ingredients of Nitrogen (N – 26), Phosphorus (P – 2), Potassium(K – 9) and Iron (Fe – 3.4). Suitable for ZoysiaKikuyuCouch and Buffalo grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.



myhomeTURF recommends OxaFert, which is a combination product containing both fertiliser and pre-emergent herbicide. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.


LawnPride GroTurf 20kg 15-4-11 + Traces

LawnPride Groturf 15-4-11 + Traces 20kg is an instant release granular fertiliser designed to initiate rapid growth of your lawn thanks to extra trace elements that build up your soil’s nutrients. Suitable for ZoysiaKikuyuCouch and Buffalo grasses. Always read the safety directions and instructions on the product label before use.



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