6 tips for summer lawn treatment

You can bring the green back!

summer lawn careCrispy might be great when it comes to chips, but it’s not so appealing when it’s the only word you can think of to describe your lawn at the end of a long, hot summer.

Many Australians don’t bother to water their lawns, choosing instead to rely on natural rainfall but even hardy grass types cannot withstand many weeks of drought and heat. Most lawns will survive no water for up to four weeks but any more than that may be terminal.

If your lawn is crunching when you walk on it, don’t despair! According to Rusty Garton from LawnPride Australia, many lawns can be revived and then with simple maintenance, never need to get “crispy” again.

Here are Rusty’s steps to bringing the green back:

  1. Be gentle when mowing – Keep the mower blades as high as possible so the lawn retains all the moisture that it can. Make sure the blades aren’t blunt as they tend to rip the lawn, leaving it with jagged leaf edges which quickly dry out and turn brown.
  2. Thatch control – If your lawn is only brown in patches it may have “thatch” which is decomposed plant matter that builds up under grass roots. Use a thatching rake to loosen the build-up and this will allow more water to reach the lawn’s root system. Aerating the lawn can also help.
  3. Hey kids, get off my lawn! – Where possible keep human and pet traffic at a minimum as foot pressure compacts the soil making it harder for the lawn’s roots to penetrate soil moisture. An overall reduction in lawn traffic will help it spring back to life more effectively once the drought is over.
  4. Smart watering – If your area is in drought you can help your lawn to survive by watering twice a week for 15 minutes between 6am and 8am and then once a week for 45 minutes. To make grass drought tolerant it is vital that the roots grow deep into the soil and the right watering practice will achieve this.
  5. Moisture retention agents are a secret weapon – These are the most underrated products on the lawn market and should be in every garden shed. They are easy to click onto your hose and can cover an area up to 150 square metres. During a dry spell or a drought, use a moisture retention agent every 4 or 5 weeks to extend your watering and make it more effective.
  6. Change your grass – You may need to consider replacing your lawn with drought-tolerant turf. Zoysia grasses like Native Nara and Empire thrive across Australia. Head over to our ‘find your turf‘ or read about Australian grass types to help you determine which grass is right for you.


Recommended Products

Hydramaxx G 4kg

HYDRAMAXX G – 4kg is a NEW dual-action granular wetting agent that improves the water distribution and retention of your lawn. HYDRAMAXX G recommended application rate is 2kg/100sqm which covers up to 200sqm of lawn. This product is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs, is non-toxic and environmentally safe.


Summer Bundle

A LawnPride Summer bundle to help your lawn stay healthy through the warmer months. This bundle features LawnPride Maintain 26-1-9 + Iron 20Kg, HydraMaxx Hose On and Kelp-ER Hose On


Now that the dry spell will soon becoming to an end it is a great time to consider replacing your current lawn. To find out more information on our varieties –

Or check out our handy Quick Lawn Selection Guide.

Source:  https://www.myhometurf.com.au/lawn-tips/tips-for-revitalising-your-lawn-after-the-long-hot-summer/

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