fertilizer_kikstartOur Kickstart Fertiliser is suited for your lawn and garden. It’s manufactured from enriched composted manure, providing essential nutrients that encourage healthy active growth.

Kickstart is a granular fertiliser that breaks down and slowly releases nutrients for up to 3 months.

Being organic, it encourages earthworm and sand micro-organisms that assist soil health. It also contains a wetting agent that will help those hard to water soils as it helps water and nutrients penetrate into the root zone when rainfall or watering occurs.

fertilizer_redSlow Release Fertiliser

Our spring blend slow release fertiliser summer/autum blend is a good quality slow release fertiliser used by landcare professionals that last much longer than other competitors fertilisers

Our 4kg bucket covers around 200m2 and last for months while some competiyors only cover 150m2 and only last a few weeks

Why is there a need for 2 blends there is a reason spring blend has a higher nitrogen to encourage leaf growth and green up for after winter and only need to apply once in this season

And summer/autum blend has potassium for drought and wear tolerance and lower nitrogen for less mowing and you should apply in each season.